ChatGPT in Kubernetes Development

ChatGPT facilitates Kubernetes coding but with drawbacks

Stefanie Lai
4 min readApr 30, 2023
from Unsplash

ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. Overnight, developers, designers, and product managers, or we can say, people from all over the world, are constantly testing its features and challenging its limit.

I am one of those who dip their toes into the pool to see how ChatGPT can help with coding. It is helpful from my point of view, especially in bash writing, where it beats me badly in Regex expression, for example, it can write a sed command in seconds, while might take me 20 minutes. It also provides excellent support for Golang, giving out examples and explanations for common issues and reminding you of the limitations of ReadFile.

However, it is not smart enough to know that ioutil has been deprecated since Go 1.16. So if I want to get the answer to the implementation in Go 1.20, the question should be more detailed. I typed “how to implement it in Go 1.20”, and finally get what I was looking for.