How I joined Spotify as an Engineer From China

2020 is a magical year. With Covid-19 raging around the world, people’s work and lifestyle have changed a lot. But the opportunities still exist, and my career ushered in a tremendous change. I moved from southern China to Sweden🇸🇪 and became a software engineer at Spotify.

I have always wanted…

Details about sync.Pool and ideas about using it efficiently

I was hit on the head by an “apple” when I was busy working in the JSON third-party library orchard.

sync.Poolis used by so many libs as a cache to improve performance, for example, go-json stores a sliceHeader via sync.Pool in case reuse is needed when decoding JSON. Why don’t…

comparisons between for and for-range, Go and Java

Learning by comparing can always facilitate a deeper understanding. As a veteran in Java, I can’t help comparing whatever new language I learn with it, offering me a comprehensive sight of the pros and cons of each language. And making comparisons between different implementations within the same language, by which…

Create and handle your errors the right way

Being indulged in Go for quite a while and having implemented web-related programs, grpc interfaces, and Operators, I seem to be an advanced beginner now.

However, I am still a novice in production-environmental debugging, which is cumbersome if done by querying logs or error messages. Imagine the scenario that a…

Stefanie Lai

Live in Stockholm. Love writing, interested in cooking, drawing and reading. Want to travel all around Europe with my cat.

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