Explain the basic knowledge and means, build an Operator from scratch using Kubebuilder

In Infrastructure Development, we can never bypass Operators in modern Kubernetes solutions.

I have been writing different operators in the past one or two months, with the purpose to reduce companies’ pressure in managing various Kubernetes and GCP resources on the GCP and to inject more automated management methods.

From the company’s perspective, the higher the automation, the lower the maintenance pressure; the stronger the scalability, and the higher the stability.

From the developers’ point of view, application developers can be more assured to focus less on infrastructure and concentrate more on business innovation. Infrastructure developers reduce toil and spare…

I am taking a break from writing recently. Not because I paused my learning and reflection, but we made a big leap-we have our own apartment 6 months from arriving in Stockholm🇸🇪.

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too much research to do


Buying or Renting

Why do we want to own an apartment so soon? The idea jumped out of our minds when we asked each other the following three questions.

First, Stockholm is a fascinating city, and we would like to settle down here. Why not a space with the decorations and feeling we want?

Second, having missed the golden Bitcoin train, why not be decisive this time and have a cozy…

How I joined Spotify as an Engineer From China

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From Unsplash:@rparmly, source

2020 is a magical year. With Covid-19 raging around the world, people’s work and lifestyle have changed a lot. But the opportunities still exist, and my career ushered in a tremendous change. I moved from southern China to Sweden🇸🇪 and became a software engineer at Spotify.

I have always wanted to move to Europe. I want to try to live in the beautiful European cities of the fairy tale, at least make myself enough time to travel all over the European continent.

For the pandemic, everything has changed too fast. It is four months after joining Spotify now. I finally…

Now brew upgrade golang to 1.16 is supported!


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Go1.16! , by author

Last week, Go1.16 was released, bringing relatively more changes than version 1.15, which was influenced by the epidemic.

The update is in many aspects, including compilation, deployment, standard library, etc. In the official Go document, all changes are classified based on Tools, Runtime, Complier, etc.

It is undoubtedly good to dig into all the changes, but sometimes we understand them this moment and forget them the next second, not to mention truly grasping all of them. For easier memorizing, I divide the changes, I think are important to ordinary developers, into two categories.

  • Underlining Change, including all non-code-related changes.
  • Standard…

Why does our code need to run async and how can you achieve it?

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Stockholm in Jan. 2021, by author

Being a developer for over a decade and working with Java most of the time, I struggled for quite a long time to adapt to Spotify’s code convention, which is as below.

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image from @Johnschno, unsplash

With English being our primary working language, I urgently need to improve my English skills, especially in writing, for e-mail is our main communication method when working from home.

Luckily, many of my colleagues write excellent e-mails. And concluding, digesting and absorbing the essence is a perfect way of advancing. I hope to successfully jump out of my Chinese thinking mode and writing habit that has been with me for almost 30 years, though a big challenge.

So let’s start with concluding. A good e-mail must be correct, concise, and decent.

Correctness is the priority. By using accurate words and…

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shot by the author, Södermalm, Stockholm

“Is Java Set ordered or not? ” is the most popular question asked when you interview for a Java Developer position. Many fail to answer it, and I have to admit I was one of the many.

I have known the answer is “Yes and No” for a long time.

  • No. HashSet is not ordered.
  • Yes.TreeSet is ordered.

If the interviewer continues with some follow up questions, I’m not confident that I know the answer then.

  • Why is TreeSet ordered?
  • Are there any other ordered Set implementations?

As a growth-minded developer that always wants to improve, it is necessary to…

Do you understand the concepts of IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, SaaS, Serverless, CaaS? Can you tell the differences between them?

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from Unsplash @javier365

With the containerization of Docker, Kubernetes, CNCF, and the development of open-source communities, related frameworks and technology is booming and iterating rapidly. Cloud Computing, been applied for many years, is pushing developers into the new technological era. Companies and developers who are not using or not planning to use Cloud-Native gradually feel tremendous pressure in keeping up with the technology trends.

The first step is to understand the concepts of IaaS, PaaS, FaaS, SaaS, Serverless, CaaS, etc., which appear in almost all cloud computing-related conferences, technologies, and documents. …

Are you already using the SSA? Do you know the difference between CSA and SSA?

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from https://unsplash.com/@sevethavi

Kubernetes server-side apply(SSA) is a new Kubernetes weapon, which was released in 1.14, through 1.16 the beta version, and to the latest version 1.18 beta2. Have you tried it or intended to try it? Before that, ask yourself the following questions.

  • What is Server-Side Apply(SSA)?
  • What is the difference between SSA and client-side apply(CSA)?
  • What are the pros and cons of SSA?

What is Server-Side Apply(SSA)?

Before understanding server-side apply, it is necessary to understand the way Kubernetes objects undergocreate/update.

Usually, we use CLI commands encapsulated by kubectl to execute apply/edit/patch and other commands to achieve objects’ declarative creating and updating. …

Stefanie Lai

Live in Stockholm. Love writing, interested in cooking, drawing and reading. Want to travel all around Europe with my cat.

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